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Corin Nemec Profile

After all the fun we had in April last year we had to bring him back for the rest of you!

Corin Nemec’s name comes from his nickname, Corky, given to him as a child by his grandmother. Corin Nemec was born Joseph Charles Nemec IV on November 5th 1971 in Little Rock, Arkansas. His mother Janis, who originates from England, is a graphic artist, painter, writer and poet. His father, Joseph C. Nemec III is an Art and Production Designer whose credits include work in films such as The Color Purple, The Abyss, Terminator 2 – Judgement Day, Patriot Games, Twister, A Perfect Getaway and the TV mini-series ‘V’ (1983). Corin has an older sister named Anastacia (Stacia) who also works in the entertainment industry.

In 1987, he landed a reoccuring role as Nicky Papadropolis on the television series Webster. While working on Webster he met best friend David Faustino with whom he would later collaborate on several projects. Shortly thereafter he made his feature film debut in Francis Ford Coppola’s acclaimed Tucker: The Man and His Dream. Over the course of his career he has starred in over a dozen television movies and miniseries including the critically acclaimed adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand.

During the 1990s, Nemec made a brief foray into hip-hop, recording an album with the group Starship of Foolz (with Shane Mooney), which was produced by actor Balthazar Getty. The Source Magazine reported that the crowd at Ed Loverís (of Yo! MTV Raps) 1993 birthday party were suprised by his impressive mic skills.

At the conclusion of his 78 episode run on Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, Nemec was nominated for a Young Artist Award for Outstanding Young Comedian in a Television Series.This marked the beginning of an extremely productive period in Nemec’s career. Over the the next decade he would appear in fifteen feature films in addition to seven television movies and miniseries. He also guest starred on many popular television shows, landing roles on Beverly Hills 90210, NYPD Blue, Tales from the Crypt and Smallville.

A chance encounter at the courtyard of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s Santa Monica offices led to Nemec’s second principle role in a television series. While rehearsing audition dialog for an independent film he was approached by casting agents who recognized him from previous projects. Looking to cast a new character to fill the void left by Daniel Jackson’s departure from Stargate SG-1, they informed Nemec’s manager of their strong interest in him that same afternoon.

Nemec was cast as Jonas Quinn for the penultimate season 5 episode “Meridian” and became a series regular in the show’s sixth season. Over 25 episodes he won over a new fan base and became a popular attraction at Stargate and Sci-fi fan conventions.

In 2004 Nemec returned to cast of Stargate SG-1 for a final episode entitled “Fallout,” which he wrote himself. As his first major writing credit, this marked the beginning of the expansion of his career to include writing and producing. This same year he would found his own production company 2BAD4U Productions with Toronto-based producer Larry Bain.

On the big screen, his recent credits include the comedy High Hopes, The American Standards, ensemble drama Shattered! and comedy National Lampoon’s Robodoc.

In 2007, Nemec’s riveting protrayal of mass murderer Richard Speck in Chicago Massacre drew significant notice despite the picture being a low budget, direct-to-video offering shot in 10 days. Many reviewers commented that the calibre of his performance was superior to the material and unusual for the genre.

Currently he is collaborating with David Faustino in the comedy web series Star-ving, a clever satire of the actors lives post teen stardom. Nemec wore several hats in this project as a producer, writer and actor which won rave reviews from Entertainment WeeklyTV Guide and the Los Angeles Times.

He has also just finished his run on “Supernatural” season 6 as ‘Christian Campbell’ and is always a fan fave!

Corin has two children (daughter Sadie Joy and son Lukas Manu) with his former wife Jami. His son is named after Manu Tupou, Corin’s late acting teacher. In 2007, Corin co-starred with his daughter Sadie in the independent film The American Standards.

Corin looks forward to seeing all his fans at both the Sydney and Perth shows and will be appearing each Saturday 10.30am to 5.30pm and each Sunday 11am to 5pm for autograph* and photo* sessions as well as conducting at least one publically accessible Q&A panel during the course of each expo.

* Autograph ($30 each) and photograph ($40 each) fees apply.

Tokens for Corin will also be available directly from the Gifts For the Geek booth at each expo.

  • Guest confirmed health and other commitments pending.

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