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Colin Wilson was born in Auckland, New Zealand on October 31, 1949. Generally this has been seen as being a good thing.

He is known for his detailed artwork which he uses in 2000 AD stories like Rogue Trooper and Judge Dredd. According to Andy Diggle, the 2000 AD editor who got him back to the title in the late nineties and has worked with him since, “no one … draws near-future military hardware like him”.

Wilson received his formal training as an artist at Christchurch School of Art in 1967-1968. Working as an illustrator, he started his own fanzine, Strips in 1977. Originally meant as a showcase for Wilson’s own comics, Strips soon hosted many New Zealand comics and revived the New Zealand comic scene. In 1980, he moved to London and did work for the renowned comic magazine 2000 AD. In 1997, he moved to Australia, but continued his work for 2000 AD.

He’s mostly known for his work on La Jeunesse de Blueberry and his solo series Dans L’Ombre du Soleil. David Bishop, another 2000 AD editor says that Wilson is “a true rarity, a comics artist whose work has been acclaimed in America, Britain and most especially in Europe.”  His first work in the US was Point Blank, written by Ed Brubaker, and in 2005 he drew three issues of The Losers for Vertigo, which is soon to be another big screen release, while in 2008, Variety reported that Headshot, written by Matz and illustrated by Colin Wilson, had been acquired by Warner Brothers.

At the 2009 New York Comic Con it was announced that Wilson would be the artist on Dark Horse Comics’ new Star Wars ongoing series Star Wars: Invasion, with Tom Taylor writing the script. Now, with 5 issues released, the series is going strong!

Colin looks forward to meeting all his fans at Supanova and will be appearing in Both Gold Coast and Melbourne expos, Saturday from 10.30am to 5.30pm and Sunday from 11.00am to 5.00pm. Colin will be conducting at least one publically accessible Q&A panel during the course of each expo.

* FREE signing sessions. Guest confirmed health and other commitments pending.


Appearing At

  • Adelaide 2013
  • Brisbane 2013
  • Gold Coast 2014
  • Melbourne 2014

Previous Appearances

  • Adelaide 2012
  • Brisbane 2011
  • Brisbane November 2011
  • Gold Coast 2012
  • Gold Coast 2013
  • Melbourne 2009
  • Melbourne 2010
  • Melbourne 2011
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  • Melbourne 2013
  • Perth 2010
  • Sydney 2010

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