Chris Sequiera on Sherlock Holmes Dark Detective

Chris is a writer who has authored short stories, comic-book scripts and other work in the popular genres of mystery, supernatural horror, science fiction and super-heroes. He has created original Australian characters
that have appeared in comics distributed nationally (Rattlebone, Pulse of Darkness, Mister Blood, The Borderlander), and he has written for overseas publishers such as DC Comics (Justice League Adventures) Marvel
Entertainment (Iron Man, X-Men), and BOOM! Studios! (Cthulhu Tales). His series for Black House Comics Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes, with art by Philip Cornell and covers and concepts by the 2011 Academy Award co-winner for Best Make-Up, creature shop genius Dave Elsey, has received rave reviews, and is subject to an international publication deal.

Chris is also a writer, with Leigh Blackmore; working with artist Jan Scherpenhuizen under the approval of Estate of Lin Carter on the exciting comeback of THE MAN FROM LEMURIA, where we’ll see the return to comics of a great, former fantasy brand by one of the CONAN scribes; THONGOR OF THE LOST CONTINENT; and Supanova will see the first pages of this work revealed.

Also for Supanova, Chris will unveil his collaboration with W. Chew Chan and Dave Elsey on BLACKMOORE OF THE BONEYARD, the dark Victorian tale of shadows and horrors that was premiered previously in Dark Detective: Now,
Bernie Blackmoore and Lilith Arcadia are back in their own lavishly illustrated series!

Chris and Paul Mason also manage a titanic team-up or two with the release of THE SOLDIER LEGACY “ DIABOLICAL DOCTOR NIKOLA cross-over book “Strange Tales”. This book will also feature Chris and Paul’s
newest creations, perhaps the most horrifying…super-team (?)…of all,and definitely the angriest team-leader; so beware of LAZARUS BURNE. (And another thing; Chris and Paul may even be able to spill the beans in April on how they’ve been signed up by a USA movie producer to allow them to contribute to the most unique super-hero in comic-book history’s return to print.)

Supanova will also just coincide with Chris’s appearance in the brand new collection of tales of JUSTICE, INC.’s steel-eyed superman in The Avenger: Roaring Heart of the Crucible from Moonstone Books, a character
he’s very fond of.

So, Chris excitedly looks forward to appearing at Supanova – the home of the Tides of Hope project he felt privileged to co-edit and work on with a slew of international greats – and you’ll find Chris grouped with
collaborators Leigh Blackmore, Chewie Chan, Jason Franks, Paul Mason and Jan Scherpenhuizen. Come over and talk comics!


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