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Bob Wall Vs Bruce Lee!

Robert “Bob” Wall was born in San Jose, California and has one brother and four sisters.  He has been married for 40 years to his wife Lillian and is the father of two daughters, Shana and Kara. He began wrestling in high school and then got his black belt in Judo while attending San Jose State College. Wall is a former heavyweight world-champion kickboxer.

He then moved to Los Angeles, trained with the Great Gene LeBell and began studying Okinawa-te where he met Joe Lewis in 1964.  Bob Wall is a Black Belt under Gene LeBell, became Joe Lewis’ first Black Belt in 1967 and has a Black Belt from Chuck Norris.

They formed a partnership and opened the famed “Sherman Oaks Karate Studio,” training ground for many super stars such as Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Mike Stone, Pat Burleson, Jim Harrison, Benny Urquidez, Steve McQueen, Elvis & Priscilla Presley, Jack Palance, Johnny Desmond, Freddie Prinze, Brian Keith, The Osmonds and many more.

In 1967, Joe Lewis sold his interest to the legendary Chuck Norris, and he and Bob Wall built the most successful chain of karate studios in United States history. In 1973, Wall and Norris sold out to a conglomerate, and Norris went on to become a super star actor and Wall a real estate magnate.

Wall co-starred in three of the late great Bruce Lee’s films, Way of the Dragon, Game of Death and Enter the Dragon and seven of Chuck Norris’ films, along with several Walker Texas Ranger episodes.

Bob Wall took 1st or 2nd in every major karate championship from 1965 to 1972 including the World Championship, the Internationals, the United States Championship, the National Championships, the Tournament of Champions, and was a member of the legendary quintet of Chuck Norris, Mike Stone, Joe Lewis, Skipper Mullins, and Bob Wall in sweeping the world professional titles for 1970, 1971 and 1972.

An urban legend surrounding the making of Enter The Dragon claims that he never quite got along with Bruce Lee and that the fight on the parade ground where he smashed the bottles was more than just a managed fight. However, Wall and others present at the time deny this story, stating the tale was blown out of proportion and that Wall and Lee were actually good friends.

Bob Wall was voted into the “Professional Karate Hall of Fame” in 1975, listed in the “Who’s Who of Karate” in 1980. Many Many awards later he received the Living Legends Pioneer Award in 2003 and was inducted into the Legend of Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2004.

More recently, in 2009, Wall starred as a bodyguard in the film Blood and Bone.

Unfortunately Bob will be unable to join us for the Sydney and Perth shows due to professional commitments. We hope to bring him to see his fans at a future Supanova expo.


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