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Allan is very disappointed to announce that he is unable to join us for the Sydney and Perth 2010 Shows as his filming schedule for True Blood has been moved up.

From his twitter:

“sad to announce that I will not be attending Supernova in Australia after all. True Blood dates got in the way. Really sorry…”

The twenty year old Danish actor Allan Hyde has made quite an impression as the 2000 year old vampire Godric on True Blood. Godric is a vampire who is over two thousand years old and has become weary of being immortal. Unlike most vampires, Godric no longer desires or enjoys the bloodshed, violence, and evil ways of the undead. Eric Northman is extremely loyal to Godric and was turned by him a thousand years ago.

Despite his young age he is a man of many talents. Besides his native Danish Allan speaks English, German and French, plays the guitar and sings. He enjoys skiing and skateboarding and won the literary Robert Award this year for Best Short Story.

Allan appeared as Godric in four episodes of True Blood’s second season as well as appearing in five episodes of the series 2900 Happiness.

He recently recorded the song “Den Jeg Er (This Is Me)” with singer Sine Vig Kjaegaard.


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