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Alex Saviuk (born August 17, 1952) is an American comic book artist primarily known for his work on the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man.

Saviuk grew up on Long Island, New York, graduating from Floral Park Memorial High School in 1970. He attended the School of Visual Arts, where he studied with (among others) Will Eisner, graduating in 1974 with a degree in Illustration. Saviuk also studied biology at Hofstra University and York College.

Saviuk’s professional career began in 1977 at DC Comics, where he illustrated such titles as Green Lantern, The Flash and Superman. In the early 1980s, Saviuk was the regular backup feature artist on Action Comics, where he drew the exploits of characters like the Atom, Air-Wave, and Aquaman. He and writer E. Nelson Bridwell introduced the Global Guardians in DC Comics Presents #46

In 1986, Saviuk moved to Marvel Comics, where he eventually established himself as a key Spider-Man artist with a seven-year run on Web of Spider-Man (issues #35-116). From 1994–1996, Saviuk worked on the series Spider-Man Adventures (later retitled The Adventures of Spider-Man). Since 1997, Saviuk has drawn The Amazing Spider-Man Sunday newspaper comic strip, written by Stan Lee; since 2003, he has inked the daily Spider-Man strip, pencilled by Lee’s brother Larry Lieber, and pencilled the Sunday page of the same, inked by Joe Sinnott.

In 1997–1998, he spent a one-year stint at Topps Comics drawing The X-Files until the end of its run.
Some of the characters Saviuk has co-created include Arkiss Chummuck and Malet Dasim, GL Corps members (with Bob Toomey), Sunburst (with Paul Kupperberg), Olympian (with E. Nelson Bridwell), Tombstone (with Gerry Conway), and the New Enforcers (with Terry Kavanagh).

Alex currently also draw The Phantom for Egmont in Sweden and for Frew right here in Australia.  His tenure with The Ghost Who Walks goes way back to 1986 at Marvel Comics  where he was the artist on The Defenders Of The Earth for 4 published issues featuring The Phantom, Flash Gordon, Mandrake the Magician, and Lothar.  Subsequently, he began to draw The Phantom for Egmont and Frew  with stories appearing in 2004  –  2006.  In 2011, his work appeared in Phantom Generations #9 for Moonstone Books published in the USA.

Since late in 2012, Alex has once again returned to the Egmont/FREW family with two published stories already and another to be published later in 2013.  Also, look for Alex’s Phantom logo on Supanova’s convention T-Shirts ( purple, of course! )

In addition to comics, Saviuk does storyboards for advertising agencies and, occasionally, film and animation studios.

Saviuk lives in Florida, with his wife and their two children.


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