Sydney & Perth Tickets On Sale Early May


More Supa-Stars Announced for Sydney & Perth as Supanova Revs Up for June!

Rose McGowan Charmed us so well she's back for Supanova Sydney and Perth!

Supanova 2014 Sydney and Perth are only a couple of months away and we have a bunch of amazing guests to announce before then in what will be almost a weekly procession!

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The Adventure Time Scavenger Hunt is ON!!!

The Adventure Time Scavenger Hunt Map is in your program guide! Get the stamps and redeem them for something awesome!

It’s Adventure Time! To get an awesome Adventure Time prize, collect all the stamps at the booths listed on the map and redeem them for awesome prizes!

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True Believers, Stan Lee Chooses Supanova 2014 Sydney to Say “Nuff said!”

Prototype image of the exclusive Stan Lee Pop Vinyl Figure we will be releasing at the Sydney Expo! (Design subject to final approval)

Almost three decades after Stan ‘The Man’ Lee was expected in Sydney, its happening True Believers; the creator of Spider-Man is swinging into town this June!

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Supanova 2014 Event Programmes for Gold Coast and Melbourne!


Here they are, the April 2014 Tour Event Programmes for the Gold Coast and Melbourne featuring timetables, floorplans, activities and more!

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Zoë Bell to RAZE the roof at Supanova in Melbourne!

Please Note: Not final art.

Zoë Bell is slamming into the Melbourne Supanova Expo, promoting her latest action, horror film, RAZE, with a free screening and Q&A!

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Its a Bullseye for Sydney & Perth Fans as ARROW Stars Target Supanova 2014!

torchwood (29)

Supa-Stars from ARROW, John Barrowman and Katie Cassidy, have taken aim at the Sydney and Perth 2014 Supanova expos.

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A Princess, a Walker, a Tribute, Two Dwarves, a Gladiator, an Elf and a Shepherd Book into Supanova…

"Who me? At Supanova? Why yes i am!" Lucy lawless comes to The Gold Coast and Melbourne

It may sound like a great joke but we’re supa-serious as we announce more wonderful Supa-Stars for our April 2014 expos!

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IDW Publishing Exhibiting at the Sydney and Perth Supanova 2014 Expos this June!


Supanova is excited to announce US industry heavyweight, IDW Publishing, will be attending the June 2014 Tour of Sydney and Perth!

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An Array of Amazing Authors Announced for April 2014 @ Supanova

Isobelle Carmody's Best selling Obernewtyn. Isobelle Joins us for Gold Coast Exclusively.

As always Supanova is hosting an international best-selling author, Jim Butcher, while surrounding them with world-class local talent!

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Sword Art Online – 2014 Exhibition Tour Coming To Australia


The Sword Art Online Exhibition will to give fans a unique behind the scenes look at the creative process and how the hit anime series was created!

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Exclusive! Trailer for Marianne Curley’s “Broken”


Supanova exclusive! Check out the stunning trailer for Marianne Curley’s new book, Broken, which is due out this March from Bloomsbury.

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It’s Adventure Time! You Gotta Catch ‘Em All at Supanova this April!


How cool is this!?! The voice cast of Adventure Time including Finn, Jake and Princess Bubblegum, are heading down for April. And did we mention Pokemon?

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Don’t Miss the Golden Age of Comics at Supanova 2014 – April!


Supanova welcomes comic book creators Michael Golden, Jill Thompson, Mike McKone, Jim Cheung and more to April’s Gold Coast and Melbourne expos!

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Christmas Goodies: April & June 2014 Guests As Gifts!

Napoleon Dynamite brings his Tater Tots down under in 2014!

As the year draws to a close we would like to thank you for your support and we wish you and all your loved ones the most blessed of New Years in 2014!

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Nostalgia Stars Launch the Supanova Expo April Tour, 2014!

The mighty Chewbacca Comes to Supanova 2014 Gold Coast and Melbourne!

Team Supanova can now reveal the first celebrity Supa-Stars who’ll visit Australia for April’s expos, with many more to be announced in the coming months.

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Fully Armed and Operational Supanova Expo, this Friday in Brisbane!

Come along on Friday to see the BRAND NEW line of Adventure time themed clothing from Black Milk!

Friday in Brisbane is now a fully-fledged day of Supanova fun with Supa-Star guests, panels and more! Adelaide doesn’t miss out either! Check it out…

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Introducing the NEW Supanova 2013 Brisbane & Adelaide Event Programme!


The new improved Supanova 2013 Event Programmes for Brisbane and Adelaide are no available. Check them out for who, when, where and how!

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Its the Supanova “Showbiz Shuffle” as Heroines Fly in to the Rescue!

"Game of Thrones" new season posters

We have had a number of changes, additions and cancellations, occur recently so here is the concise update on what is happening this November!

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Monarchs & Mercenaries to visit Brisbane & Adelaide… The stars of Westeros invade the Supanova Expo!

The former King of Westeros Robert Baratheon, as played by Mark Addy

Kings and merceneries from Game of Thrones meet with a Queen of Cosplay and the Danger 5, all at Supanova!

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Booktopia’s Cornucopia = Supanova’s Extravaganza!


Booktopia and Supanova have combined to bring together what we think is our best literary line-up thus far for November’s 2013 tour!

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Zombies, Gladiators, Power Rangers & Rooster Teeth Make Their Way to Supanova!

Liam McIntyre, the Supa-Star of Spartacus joins us at Supanova!

Whether they’re making zombies, fighting zombies, or just fighting, we have the best of the best!

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Supanova Gives You Another Reason To Be Merry!

Dominic is all armoured up as Merry In The LOTR trilogy. He may need it to meet the most dangerous species of all: His Fans!

We welcome Dominic Monaghan, Supa-Star of The Lord of the Rings and LOST just in time for tickets to go on sale September 20th!

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Comic Book Supa-Stars, Cartoon Creators and Robot Henchmen Invade Supanova!

GIR is coming to make Supanova his LOVE PIG!

Look closely at the talented array of creative guests we’ve collected for your appraisal and adulation for 2013′s November tour!

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There’s a New Summer Glau to SupaNovember!

Sensational Summer Glau returns to Brisbane and comes to Adelaide for the first time in 2013!

Supanova welcomes back Summer Glau to Brisbane and Adelaide! With her comes Dr Who’s nemesis Davros and Anime Supa-Star Todd Haberkorn!

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Booktopia joins the Supanova Family


We would like to welcome to the Supanova Family, our newest Sponsor: Booktopia! And with them, come Supa-Star Authors!

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We’re Trading Wizards for Dwarves at Supanova!

Dwarvish hearthrob "Fili" (Dean O'Gorman) returns to Supanova in November!

Supanova welcome new faces and returning guests to our line up for November, whilst unfortunately losing others.

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Supa-November Turns up the Heat With Men and Women of Action!

man of action logo on black

It may be cold outside but we’re heating things up for a huge tour in Supa-November adding to our already announced guests in the war against boredom!

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Nintendo Attending Supanova Sydney and Perth in 2013! UPDATED!

Nintendo at Supanova!

Nintendo Australia is back for our Sydney and Perth Expos and the Nintendo booth at each expo is set to be your #1 gaming destination! 

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Man of Steel’s Director Zack Snyder Comes to Supanova Sydney!


Zack Snyder, the incredible director of 300, Dawn of the Dead, Watchmen and now Man Of Steel joins us exclusively on the Sunday of Supanova in Sydney!

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Winter is Coming to Supanova in November… And the Sydney Opera House!


Author George R. R. Martin and Emmy award-winning actor Peter Dinklage will visit Australia this November, appearing at three must-see events!

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Supanova 2013 – Sydney & Perth Event Guides


As we rocket towards the Sydney & Perth 2013 Supanova Expo we’re happy to reveal our Event Guides to help you plan your weekends!

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Aussie First: Supanova to host American Dad’s “Hayley”, Rachael MacFarlane, in Brisbane and Adelaide.

Rachael MacFarlane with brother Seth MacFarlane at the Oscars Ceremony, February 24, 2013, that he hosted for the first time.

Voice-acting and singing star, Rachael MacFarlane, is the first official Supa-Star announcement for the Brisbane and Adelaide expos in November!

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Middle Earth Magic Fails To Liberate Dwarves For Perth!!

Three Dwarfs make an Unexpected Journey back to New Zealand

Sad news for Perth fans only from the production of The Hobbit as its become clear that all our dwarves will now be required to remain on or near set.

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Supanova Welcomes Her Worshipfulness, Carrie Fisher, to Oz!


Everybody’s favourite pop culture princess, Carrie Fisher, the iconic Princess Leia Organa from the Star Wars, is heading to Sydney and Perth this June!

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Supanova 2013 Magazine – Sydney & Perth Tour!

Supanova 2013 - Magazine - Sydney/Perth

For a bite-sized 24 page summary of all of the goodies and guests you’ll find at the Supanova Expos in Sydney & Perth this June check out our magazine!

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Don’t Hassle ‘The Hoff’ as he’s Already on his Way Back for Sydney and Perth!

A Practice run for the Gold Coast Cosplay Parade? (David Hasslehoff in Knight Rider)

The star of Baywatch and Knight Rider; David ‘the Hoff’ Hasselhoff returns in June to meet his fans in Sydney and Perth!

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Something to Write Home About! Masters of Epic Fantasy are at Supanova!!

Raymond E. Feist is just one of our awesome Supa-Stars this June!

They keep us awake all night! But not in fear… We’re entranced! Supanova welcomes a wonderful array of sublime authors to its line-up of Supa-Stars this June.

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Cartoon Craziness Abounds as ‘Amy’ Adds Futurama Flavoured Fervour!


The Supa-Star voice behind Futurama’s Amy Wong is leading the charge of the voice actors downunder for Supanova’s Sydney and Perth expos!

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Middle Earth Magic Mesmerises Yet Again in Sydney and Perth!


Supanova is proud to once again present three of the Dwarves from The Hobbit alongside Supa-Star, Karl Urban, from Lord of the Rings.

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Supa-Star Writer of ‘The Wolverine’, Chris Claremont, Heads All-Star Cast this June!!

Days of Future Past is soon to be the next X-Men film meet the author of the original at Supanova!

Comic book Supa-Star Chris Claremont returns to Supanova in June for Sydney and Perth as part of our huge line-up of international and local talent!

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The Once and Future King, Arthur, Brings Merlin’s Knights to Supanova!

The Once and Future King!

The Knights of the Round-Table are heading to Sydney and Perth this June to begin a new quest… To meet all their fans at Supanova!

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Supanova 2013 – Gold Coast Event Guide


Its here to help you navigate your way though an awesome weekend; the Supanova 2013 – Gold Coast Event Guide.

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Superman and Supanova come to Melbourne (and then visit the Gold Coast for more sunshine!)


‘Superman’, ‘The Flash’ and ‘Wonder Woman’ visit Melbourne this week, (just in time for Supanova) thanks to Supa-Star writer Tom Taylor!

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Supanova 2013 – Melbourne Event Guide


Supanova 2013 is the biggest pop culture expo to ever hit Melbourne with over 14,000m2 of goodness and our Event Guide is here to help you navigate it.

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Nintendo is Game for Supanova, Are You?

Nintendo 3ds image

The Nintendo booth is set to be your #1 gaming destination, where you can enjoy plenty of multiplayer fun at both our Melbourne and Gold Coast expos!

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Acclaimed Anime Auteur’s April Antics Across Australia!


Multiple award winning director, Mamoru Hosoda, and producer, Yuchiro Saito, co-founders of Studio Chizu are touring Australia this month.

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Supanova Interviews G.I. Joe: Retaliation’s ‘Lady Jaye’ and ‘Flint’!

GI Joe: Retaliation Opens March 28th Only In Cinemas

When the G.I. Joe: Retaliation stars visited Sydney for the Australian premiere, Supanova interviewed two of the stars, Adrianne Palicki and DJ Cotrona.

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Supanova 2013 Magazine – Melbourne & Gold Coast Tour

Supanova Magazine

Its a snapshot of the expos in one easily digested 32 page meal; its the Supanova 2013 – Melbourne and Gold Coast Magazine! Check it out right here…

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Supanova Says “Hello Sweetie” To ‘River Song’ and two Amazing Anime Guests!

Hello Sweety... We welcome Alex Kingston to Supanova!

To help celebrate Dr Who’s 50th Anniversary, Supanova is proud to welcome ‘Professor River Song’ herself, Alex Kingston!

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Cosplay Parade from Broadbeach to Supanova, Sunday 21st April!

Join fans of every age, size and pop culture passion in the inaugural Supanova Cosplay Parade!

Cosplayers unite on the Gold Coast for a huge Cosplay parade from Broadbeach Mall up to the gates of Supanova!

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Supanova Rolls ‘Snake-Eyes’ as Ray Park Prepares to Maul Us This April!

GI Joe: Retaliation Opens March 28th Only In Cinemas

While we sadly postpone appearances by Karl Urban and Gary Chalk, we welcome The star of G.I. Joe: Retaliation, and Star Wars Episode I; Ray Park!

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Two Film Festivals and Filmink Make it Clear; All Superheroes Must Die!

All Superheroes Must Die! (just not at Supanova!)

Fantastic Planet Film Festival, FilmInk, and the Gold Coast Film Festival present the creative team behind the indie action film “All Superheroes Must Die!”

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WETA, Dwarves, Wizards, Elven-Kings & Riders of Rohan to Invade Supanova!


Middle Earth descends on Supanova this April with Weta exhibiting direct from NZ and actors galore from The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings!

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Look to the Sky! It’s a Bird; It’s a Plane; No It’s SUPANOVA!

A New World of Wonder awaits you at Supanova!

The first array of guests can be revealed with the following Supa-Star celebrity guests booked in to attend the June events in Sydney and Perth!

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Prepare to be K.I.T.T.’ed Out as The Hoff! Returns for the Supanova Expo this April!

The Hoff with K.I.T.T.

He is so famous that just saying ‘The Hoff’ is enough! We welcome David Hasselhoff to the April tour of Supanova!

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Smallville’s Nemesis is Charmed by Another Supa-Star in April!

Rose McGowan in Planet Terror!

The Supa-Stars keep piling in as we welcome Smallville’s Michael Rosenbaum and Charmed’s Rose McGowan to our April line-up!

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If Reading Feeds the Imagination Prepare for a Feast at Supanova in April!

Hugh Howey's International hit WOOL!

Supanova and Dymocks are proud to present the April supa-line up of authors for both Melbourne and Gold Coast.

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Bullies Don’t Scare Supanova! Supanova Expo Teams up with Boxing Champion, Kostya Tszyu!


Supanova Expo is proud to team-up with Kostya Tszyu and Dustin Warburton to bring you ‘Bullies Aren’t Scary’ at Supanova!

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Supa-Special! Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters Interviews

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters Poster

Supanova had a chat to some of the creative minds of Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters which comes out tomorrow across Australia.

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SUSHI GIRL Cast & Crew Slicing and Dicing at Supanova this April!

See Sushi Girl as a part of the Gold Coast FIlm Festival!

Supanova is proud to be hosting the cast and crew of the independent ‘cult classic in the making’, SUSHI GIRL, in Melbourne and on the Gold Coast this April.

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From Pinball Tsunami to Supanova Blast!


Introducing The Australian Timezone Supanova Pinball Championship thanks to the Australian Pinball League and Amusement Machine Distributors!

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Cassandra James and T-Rex Jones Are Feeling “So Fly”, Like the G-6!

Cassandra jame's Awesome Catwoman piece!

We welcome a fantastic female force of the pen and paper, a drawing dinosaur of awesome skill and Australia’s first comic creator Super-Team: The G-6!

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In the Blink of an Eye, Jeannie is back for Supanova 2013!


Supanova is ecstatic to be welcoming back the Supa-Star of the beloved sitcom I Dream of Jeannie: Barbara Eden!

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QPOW! Queensland Pop Culture Week Smashes onto Gold Coast Calendar in 2013


Queensland Pop Culture Week is set to explode on the Gold Coast from April 18-28.

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Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Supanova!

Supa-Star of Flash Gordon Sam J. Jones comes to Supanova!

It’s the “silly season” and what better excuse to give you, the Supa-Fans out there, a happy little stocking stuffer for our April 2013 tour!

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Watch Out for April 2013′s List of Comic Book Supa-Stars!

Dave Gibbons, Supa-Star artist on Watchmen joins us for Melbourne and Gold Coast 2013!

We are pleased to announce our first guests for Melbourne and Gold Coast 2013 and we’re kicking off with some world-class comic-book talent!

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Supanova’s 1st Adelaide Event Guide during our 10th Anniversary!

Event Guide - Adelaide - 2012

Supanova is proud to be finishing off a decade of awesome events with our very first in Adelaide. Check out all the info in our Event Guide.

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Hang Onto Your Hats… Changes, Cancellations and other Circumstances!


It’s sadly often the case that cancellations happen and invariably at the last minute. Here’s a rundown of all the recent changes to help you prepare.

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Supanova 2012 Brisbane! Event Guide, Renovations, Venue Changes & More!

Supanova 2012 - Brisbane - Event Guide

Its all happening with renovations, venue and entrance changes, and more as we release Brisbane’s 2012 Event Guide!

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Torchwood’s ‘Coffee Boy’ will rock your socks off with his band, BLUE GILLESPIE!


Welsh ‘Torchwood’ actor Gareth David Lloyd is well-known to Supanova fans but on his third trip Down Under for the expo he’s brought his band!

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