Extreme Cosplay Chess

What is better than normal chess? Cosplay Chess! Watch all manner of characters duel it out on the chessboard with a player on each side leading the team. But beware the new Extreme Chess Powers as they change the game into Extreme Cosplay Chess. Unpredictable, Exciting and now Extreme!


No need to sign up, just turn up to the cosplay chess board at 1pm on Sunday and prepare to watch the chaos unfold of witnessing Sailor Moon defeating Master Chief. All we need is 16 pieces and 1 player per team, and off we go. Even the Audience gets involved with a member of the audience being given a special power to activate whenever they want something different to happen.

How to Play!


The Players [The people who are playing the ‘actual’ game] will call out their pieces and direct them to where they are wanted and if they are taking out another piece. Players will need to be at the arena 15 minutes prior to the battle (to organize the board and grab some photos with your team). Players will be timed and have exactly a thirty Seconds (30) to make their move. Should a player fail to make their move within the time they will be awarded a penalty. Should a player get five penalties over the course of the game, they will lose. Players are also advised to read the Game over Time segment below.

Extreme Cosplay Chess Powers!

With Extreme Cosplay Chess, we have some new and unique powers which the players can activate to make the game more exciting and keep cosplay chess different from regular chess. At the beginning of each game, each Player receives 1 random extreme chess power and may use it at any time when valid with the call of “EXTREME POWER ACTIVATE”. Once activated, the host will read out the power to the team, and then the power will come into effect. There are conditions of the extreme powers and who they can be activated on so save them until you need them.

To make life more interesting for the players, the audience has an “Extreme Chess Power” which a designated representative will activate in the same way as the players when they choose. During the game, the host may set a challenge for the players, (example, first player to kill a piece, wins another random extreme power card) and also penalize players for playing too slow by using a power of their own, to make the game even more of a challenge.

Pieces/ Cosplayers

The Pieces are the awesome Cosplayers. Pieces will need to be at the arena 15 minutes prior to the battle (to organise your position and grab some photos with your team). You will be given a sign to wear around your neck or hold containing the name of your piece. If you wish to drop out at any time (e.g. you might need to go to the bathroom or if you feel dizzy and need some water), please tell the Cosplay Chess Host and they will call somebody out from the audience to take your place.


The Pieces are directed by their team player. The Player will announce their move and direct their piece where to go. For example: King Side Knight, move up two spaces and one to your left. If the pieces on the board get mixed up (e.g. wrong piece to wrong square) then the timer will be paused while the judge makes the appropriate fixes. Players will have to direct pieces on the board.  Don’t worry players, each piece will be wearing a sign clearly stating which part they are on the board. Players are to face the direction which they started, so the players can tell what piece and who owns it.

Attacking/ Taking out another Piece

When a Piece is taking out another Piece they will fight. The Attacking piece will do a few moves and defeat the other piece who ‘dies’ and leaves the playing board. If your character is a character that doesn’t fight, for example C3P0 from Star Wars, you can call upon someone else to fight for you. Using the said example, C3P0 could call upon Darth Vader or Chewbacca to fight in his place, or even Super Mario if they would like (just make it entertaining). If your character is the one getting taken out and they don’t fight then they can still call on aid but that aid could either get killed or flee. Ultimately the piece getting defeated WILL get defeated and leave the playing board. This will continue until we reach Checkmate. Then there will be Battle Royale where any of the pieces left on the board, two at a time, fight and take each other out, in an orderly fashion. Hence every Cosplayer gets to have a chance to be in character and strut their stuff.

Safety and hints

Please be careful when you are fighting! We don’t want any injures to self or costume. Play along as your character. It’s a lot more fun when you are in character. Do a few attacks and leave. Keep it short but entertaining for the audience. No swearing and remember that Supanova is a family event. Make sure you hydrate yourself as well. Have a glass of water and some food before the match. The max amount you’ll be standing around is 40 minutes but this can still be taxing on your body if you are wearing a heavy costume.

Over Time

If the game goes over time (40 minutes) then time will be called. From there each player will have 3 moves left. Player who has taken the most points wins (points are given to each piece taken, e.g. if Player A takes Player B Queen, Player A earns 9 points)


  • Queen = 9
  • Rook = 5
  • Bishop & Knight = 3
  • Pawn = 1
  • King = 9001

Are you ready for Extreme Cosplay Chess?

Cosplay Chess, Supanova Perth 2013. Photo by Bruce Moyle, Supanova Expo.

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